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you CAn BE my girlFiEnD

《Be My Girl》 New Kids On The BlockGirl, I think it's timeThat I let you knowAbout the way I really feelI just can't wait no moreBe my babyBe my girlI wanna be the oneThat steals your heart awayI wanna hold you in my armsAnd fill you with all my

用just 比较好 you just can be mine only的独指意思没有just强 希望对你有帮助


right here 歌词 roll down the window i see nothing but the sun i know i tried to run last night but now I'm gonna do it right your eyes are shining even though we're still so young i can tell you baby, honestly i'd rather have you be with me i know you can

目前还没有获奖记录You Can Be My GirlFriend - 蔡徐坤词:蔡徐坤/Larmòók/EARATTACK曲:蔡徐坤/Larmòók/EARATTACK[1]Yeah YeahTell me what u gonna do itEh ehI just wanna do itEh ehTell me what u gonna do iteh ehI just wanna do iteh eh

Anya Marina翻唱的Whatever You Like 歌词是Stacks on deckpatron on iceAnd we can pop bottles all nightBaby you can have whateveryou like (you like)I said you can have whatever you like (you like)YeahBaby i can treat you so special, so niceI'll

男嘉宾出场音乐插曲 《can you feel it》 女嘉宾出场音乐 艾薇儿的《girl freid》 女嘉宾被选中走上台的音乐 少女时代 《gee》 男女嘉宾配对成功插曲 卓文萱《梁山伯与朱丽叶》 男生失败退场插曲 梁静茹的《可惜不是你》

You Are My Destiny-Paul Anka You are my destiny你是我的命中注定 you are what you are to me你是我全部的意义 You are my happiness你是我的幸福 that's what you are.你是我全部的意义 You have my sweet caress你是我甜蜜的爱抚 you share

是不是 陶的《普通朋友》再看看别人怎么说的.

Peerless歌词doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer why not president, be a dreamer you can be just the one you wanna be police man, fire fighter or a post man why not something like your old man you can be just the one you wanna be doctor, actor,

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