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undesirable [英][ndzarbl][美][ndzarbl] adj.不受欢迎的,讨厌的; 不合需要的; 不方便的; 不良的; n.不受欢迎的人; 不良分子; 复数:undesirables最高级:most undesirable比较级:more undesirable 例句:


a. 不受欢迎的,不良的词形变化名 词:un'desir'abil'ity副 词:un'desir'ably……英英解释 1个名词解释one whose presence is undesirable[例] rounding up vagrants and drunks and other undesirables 2个形容词解释not desirable[反]


不受欢迎的n. 不良分子;不受欢迎的人adj. 不良的;不受欢迎的;不合需要的

两个拼写的都是正确的.译为adj.熟练的. skillful为英式的,skilful为美式的.【例句】1. Soon they became very skillful in answering such questions. 很快他们就会很熟练地回答这种问题了.2. The promoter matched the young boxer with a more

good: excellent advantage excellent fine fitting friendly kind nice proper real right satisfying suitablebad : clumsy evil harmful ill poor unskillful wrong unfavorable Undesirable的用法:它的意思 adj. 不受欢迎的, 不良的, 不合意的, 讨厌的 n. 不受

undersirable 可以用作名词 (不受欢迎的人) & 形容词, 而 undesired 只能用作形容词.

To escape is to succeed in keeping away from danger,pursuit,observation,etc.:指成 is is to succeed in keeping away from something dangerous or undesirable:指成功

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