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n. 底蚀作用;潜挖;淘空;底切v. 在…下挖坑道;暗中破坏;逐渐损害(undermine的ing形式)adj. 潜挖的;底蚀的

aside from [英][said frm][美][sad frm] 除…之外; 既…又…; 暂置不论; 例句:1.What does schooling bring aside from an undermining of christian truths? 学校教育除了破坏基督真理外还带来了什么?2.Aside from large state-backed concerns, entrepreneurial companies arealso looking overseas. 除了大型国有企业外,创业型企业也在关注海外市场.

changes in technology技术的变化很高兴为您解答如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问

The Good Soldier vejk (spelled Schweik or Schwejk in many translations, and pronounced [vjk] or "shvake" in plain English transcription) is the shortened title of an unfinished satirical novel by Jaroslav Haek. It was fully illustrated by

Corruption can bring much harm to a society.It hurts the economy by undermining the operation of a fair market 贪腐可以为社会带来危害.它通过腐蚀公平市场的运作来破坏经济.


With the development of technology, mobile phone features more comprehensive, especially in some games and other features are still more attractive to the eye. However, this result is clearly not good, because we can see, there are a lot of people

on the charge of因…罪,因…嫌疑如有帮助,请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

It also expands the poverty gap and reduces the efficiency of government administration贪.腐也扩大了贫富差距并且降低了政.府管理效率.

Social issues (social problem), is one of the important areas of sociological research, refers to disorders of social relations, affecting the majority of the members of the community to live together, undermining the normal activities of society, prejudice

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