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当然是不一样啦!take off1.脱下;移去 He took off his raincoat and took out the key. 他脱下雨衣,拿出钥匙. 2.起飞 The plane will take off soon. 飞机马上就要起飞了. 3.休假 He took two weeks off in August. 他在八月份休假了两个星期 take out1

take out [英][teik aut][美][tek at] v.取出,除去; 拔掉; 把…带出去; 邀请(某人)外出; 以上结果来自金山词霸 展开更多词典 例句:1.Take out of microwave and add a chocolate chip on the yellow candy melt andthe candy corn beak while the

take out 把…带出去 Please take the children out, their noise is making my head ache. 请把孩子们领出去, 他们吵得我头痛. 清除, 除掉 There's a nasty mark on the tablecloth, and I don't think the usual washing powder will take it out. 桌布上

take out是拿出的意思.take out of是除去;要赔偿;报仇的意思.但我查了其实两个都行

1. 取出 take off 和take away是带……离开的意思,显然不符合题意,take out是取出的意思.所以应该选择b,take in2. 拿出 用法导航take out 是“拿出”、“掏出”.例如:He took out the money and paid for the book. 他掏出钱来付了书款

take out 基本释义:1、把…带出去;2、清除, 除掉;3、获取, 办理;4、邀请(某人)外出.bring out 基本释义:1、取出(某物);2、把…从室内搬出来, 带出来;3、呈出(某物); 使(某物)显现出来;4、使清楚,使明显;5、出版

take sb out 伴随或陪伴某人(去剧院,饭店等) 例:He took his wife out to dinner on her birthday. 他要在妻子过生日时请她出去吃晚饭. take sb/sth out 杀死某人;毁坏某物;使某人/物不能活动或失去作用 例:Enemy misslies took out two of our

take out of:指摆脱,脱离:I want to take out of the home work take out from:指从中取出,拿出:He took a book out from his bag

take sth. out of不能单独使用,要在of后边加sth.使用,即take sth. out of sth. 含义是把某物从取出来.常用它的被动结构,即sth. been taken out of sth. 某物被从某物中取出来.例句:Cash was taken out of my account without my knowledge. 现金从我帐户中取出来连我都不知道.take out of sth. 的含义是除去某物.例句:Take out of oddment, only save the integer that is ok. 去掉零头只保留整数就行了.

take out1. 拿出,取出,拔出:例句: He opened his schoolbag and took out a notebook.他打开书包,拿出了一个笔记本.to have a tooth taken out拔牙2. 扣除,除去;抽去:例句: There are 22 working days,taking out weekends and holidays.

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