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学校教育1problems and consideration of systematic restructure of pre-schoolingeducation学前教育体制改革的问题与思考2stimulus and restriction of market mechanism on higher education schooling试论市场机制对高校办学的激励与约束3schooling education was apparently influenced by keju in three dynasties.三代的学校教育普遍受到了科举制的影响.


以er结尾的多是名词,而且表示职业,如:worker 工人;teacher老师;learner学习者.以ful结尾的多为形容词,如:careful 仔细的;beautiful 美丽的;hopeful 有希望的.以ly结尾的多为副词,如:carefully 自喜地;beautifully 美地;hopefully 希望英语中更多的单词是需要学习时逐一记忆其词类的.


I'm going through corporate restructuring For many U.S. companies in 2001 is an extremely bad year. Because of the recession, all kinds of companies, large and small, listed or private, have suffered a great blow. To preserve their livelihoods,

Since Chinese accession to the WTO, its winning the Olympic bids for 2008 and World Expo 2010, more and more companies, both local and foreign are itching their way into Chinese bigger market space. Either they are looking for foreign

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