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outweighed v. 在重量上超过; ( outweigh的过去式和过去分词 ) 在重要性或价值方面超过; [网络] 凌越的; [例句]His achievements outweighed his errors.他的功大于过.[其他] 形近词: unweighed overweighed


compression [英]km'pren [美]kmprn n. 压缩,压紧,浓缩,紧缩;加压,压抑;(表现的)简练;应压试验 [例句]This divergence among countries outweighed the compression within them.这种国家间的差异远远超出了他们之间的压缩.

bond 美 [bnd] 英 [bnd] n.债券;键;结合;键合 v.使牢固结合;把…紧紧地连接到;增强(与某人的)信任关系 adj.被奴役的;奴隶的 古典辣妹;公债;契约 例句筛选1.normally, we use the word bond to describe the linkage between a particular pair ofatoms.通常我们用键这个词来描述指定的一对原子之间的键合.2.he said the risks of additional government bond purchases outweighed the benefits.他说,购买更多国债风险大于利益.

consumer defensive的中文翻译 consumer defensive 消费防御 双语例句 1 Tech and consumer-related shares were the biggest drags on the S& P 500, and their losses outweighed gains in defensive sectors such as health care and utilities. 科技和消费者相关类股对标普500指数的拖累最大,这两类股的跌幅盖过了诸如医疗保健和公用事业等防御型股的涨幅.

是 远比;远远..;很多 的意思

This boxer is outweigh 20 pounds than his opponent . 主动的时候是及物动词,不用接介词,直接用就行了~


不是, outweigh 只有[动词]形式outweigh [动词] : 在重量上超过;比…重要;胜过,强过;比…有价值outweighed : outweigh的动词过去式、过去分词outweighing : outweigh的动词现在分词、动名词

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