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make a run for it中文意思:逃跑;逃之夭夭双语例句:1、Quick! While they're not looking we can make a run for it.快,他们不注意的时候我们可以跑.2、Little kids are terrorizing them and they try to make a run for it.小的孩子,是恐吓他们,他们设法为它运行.3、Won't everybody just make a run for it and bust the bank?会不会大家都争先恐后的,很快让银行破产?

runmake sth do make后边跟原型

make a run for sth赶紧去拿(取)..双语例句1Quick, let's make a run for it in case somebody notices. 赶快跑,以免被人发现了.2Towards the end of video you will see one of the captured Russian soldiers make a run for it. 实现了视频结束时,您会看到一个士兵被俘的俄罗斯为它运行

Mussolini made the trains run on time.墨索里尼让火车准点到达.当时的意大利社会现象吧.意大利法西斯执政时注重社会经济改革,公共事业建设.还有为里拉的战斗,为土地的战斗.


I supposed I should tell you what this bitch is thinkingYou'll find me in the studio and not in the kitchenI will be bragging about my carsOr talking about my chainsDon't need to shape my ass for youCause I've got a brainIf I told you about my sex lifeYou

go for a run网络释义go for a run:开车去兜兜风(或玩一玩)Don go for a run without your ID:出门别忘带身份证

run on继续,继续下去;连续不断;流逝;涉及run on1. 继续行进;继续航行:The boat ran on smoothly.小船顺利地继续向前航行.2. 喋喋讲个不休:She will run on for hours about her romantic deeds.提起她的风流韵事她能连续讲好几个小时.

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正确的歌词是“We will run run run into the sun”,出自歌曲《Run Into The Sun》. 歌名:《Run Into The Sun》 歌手:Yoomiii 专辑:《here we are》 唱片公司:Sony Music 发行时间:2006年06月16日 歌词: Do run run baby do run run baby

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