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完全不同的意思renovate 改造,修容.比如:This house has been recently renovated.innovate 创新.比如:The company innovated a new operating system.


n.创新者;改革者复数:innovators 形近词:renovator innovates innovatio innovated 参考资料:百度知道

balloon volleyballun.轻排球运动气排球;气排球运动;气球排球例句1.A Research into Balloon Volleyball from the Perspective of Mass Fitness and Sports Culture全民健身与体育文化视角下的气排球研究2.First innovated in China, the ordinary and

intermediary bank英 [ bk] 美 [ntmidiri bk] 词典中介银行,中间银行双语例句 1The Innovated Strategy Research for Intermediary Business Development of Bank of Communications 我国交通银行中间业务发展创新策略研究

歌曲名:Save Me歌手:Thembisile专辑:ThembisileChris Brown - Save MeLord we come to youasking for the strengthand the guidanceto be man enoughto protect our childrentill the day that we dieAmenDevotion to that higher groundeach day by

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