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get away1. 走开,离开:例句: she didn't get away until nine last night.昨晚九点她才离开.2. 逃走,跑掉;逃离犯罪现场:例句: i caught three mice,but one got away.我逮住了三只耗子,但有一只逃脱了.3. 休假:例句: i couldn't get away at


quick get aways快速得到的赠品

Everyday Is a Holiday (With You) (featuring Sean Lennon)文本歌词:歌手:Esthero歌曲:Everyday Is a Holiday (With You) (featuring Sean Lennon)歌词出处:http://www.5nd.com专辑:Wikked Lil' GrrrlsI met him on sundayI loved him by tuesday

So I think it all started with a twitching "?" all alone.What you wanted to believe in. We grow apart in such an armored way every day.Cause what you want is what you getAnd what you get aint happened yetHey you say you want outYou say you

They live in a fancy-schmancy house in the richest neighborhood.他们住在高级住宅区的豪华宅第.engnet.jiangnan.edu.cnA man I love plans the occasional fancy-schmancy dress-up date and impromptu weekend getaways, and he buys my

cooking utensils炊具双语对照词典结果:cooking utensils炊具;灶具; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.On feb. 14, ghanaians tune into radio stations with hopes of winning prizes, from cosmetics and cooking utensils to bigger gifts like romantic getaways to south africa. 2月14日,加纳人会打电话去电台,希望赢取奖品,从化妆品,炊具大到浪漫南非游的大奖.

既然那么急,赶出来给你吧 Should People Be Realistic Rather Than Romantic in Order to Live A Better Life? It goes without saying that everybody wants to live a good life.Hower,different people have different understanding of life,and so are their

ad in the main auction include the following; 1. Airline tickets to a place of your choice 2. Weekend getaways at first-class hotels 3. Season tickets to the Chicago Bears football game 4. $ 50 gift tic

歌名: Everyday Is a Holiday (With You)歌手: EstheroI met him on sundayI loved him by tuesday afternoonWoke up on fridayAnd changed my whole life to make some room.Around a quarter to twoI have remembered all my linesI'll say "When I

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