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formulate vt. 规划;用公式表示;明确地表达 (及物动词) [ 过去式formulated 过去分词formulated 现在分词formulating ]

be concerned with意思:参与,干预;关心;相干;涉及.Correspondingly, the architect need only be concerned with the significant elements of a technology and not the detail. 因此,构架师只需要了解宏观上的问题,而不必关心细节化的事情

从题目看出来这篇文章的主题是:成为一个更好的学生perfect 形容词 为什么用? 就形容 potpot有很多意思 这儿肯定是 名词咯throw pots 是固定短语 意思是做陶胚throw a perfect pot 就是做一个完美的陶胚所以这

更新望采纳 .望采纳!!!

是原创now mobile phones are widely used by people. it makes our life colorful and quick but in some ways it affects our life. of course every coin has two sides. if you can not make good use of the phone ,it will bring you bad results. some students


business rescue 全部释义和例句>> 商业救援

formulated without全部释义和例句>> 没有规划formulate 英 [f:mjulet] 美 [f:rmjulet] vt. 构想出,规划; 确切地阐述; 用公式表示; 全部释义>>[例句]Our American partners, unlike what was happening in recent years have taken a pause

为您解答proactive[英][prktv][美][proktv]adj.前摄的; 积极主动的; 主动出击的; 先发制人的; 例句:Be proactive about creating this time for yourself and stick to it no matter what. 对为你自己创造的时间要有前瞻性而且无论如何都要坚持下去.您好,答题不易如有帮助请采纳,谢谢!

Keep Evaluating一直在评估例句筛选1.When evaluating potential solutions, keep in mind that you want to leverageexisting investments and incorporate business priorities.在评估新的方案时,切记你需要在当前投资中找到平衡点并与商业优先级结

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