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fertilizer[英][f:tlaz(r)][美][f:rtlaz(r)]n.肥料,化肥; 受精媒介物; 促进发展者; 复数:fertilizers例句:1.It takes more work than simply throwing handfuls of fertilizer across a field. 这与在地里一把把抛洒化肥相比工作量更大.2.Human fertilizer use has doubled the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous enteringrivers. 化肥的使用使进入河流的氮和磷增加了一倍.

我觉得这个名词就像fruit(水果)一样,表示水果种类的时候可数,表示单一一种水果就不可数. 例如:there are many fertilizers available in this condition. fertilizer helps rice to grow well.

The difference is best known if you use a good English only dictionary.Two good ones are:http://www.dictionary.com http://dictionary.cambridge.org pollute verb [T] to make an area or substance, usually air, water or earth, dirty or harmful to people,


AIR POLLUTION Sandstorms and the dust and gases from volcanoes pollute the earth's atmosphere naturally. But the most serious kind of air pollution comes from people. Factories, power stations, and rehicles exhausts[1] pump harmful gases into

fertilizer [f:tlaz(r)]根据音标记单词f [f]er [:]t [t]i []l [l]i [a]z [z]er [(r)]

肥料是个统称,用英语表达是fertilizers,我认为是在表示一个模糊概念的时候用fertilizer,比如:化学肥料就说成是:chemical fertilizer ,给花园再施点肥:give more fertilizer for the garden.但是在例举几种化肥的时候就用复数,eg:bone-meal and nitrates are common fertilizers.骨粉和硝酸盐是普通的肥料.

I 【主语】think【谓语省略了that,后边是宾语从句】 you【主语】 are as well - informed【be informed 被告知,谓语,被动语态而已】 as【as well as 是连词,引导后边的状语从句】 I 【状语从句的主语】am【系动词】【省略了informed我给告知了】 about the market for chemical fertilizers.【状语,后边的介词做的是介词的宾语】【俊狼猎英】 团队为您解答,欢迎追问

accelerate vt./vi.加快,加速 accelerate 强调运动速度或事情进展的加快,但并不一定只用于速度. 加d是因为时态的问题,表示过去时态

term [英][t:m][美][tm] n.学期;条款;术语;期限 vt.把…称为;把…叫做 复数: terms 双语例句1.the expiry of a fixed-term contract 定期合同的满期2.the long-term effects of fertilizers 肥料的长远影响3.the government's medium-term financial

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