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extrapolate[英][kstrplet][美][kstrplet]v.(由已知资料对未知事实或价值)推算,推断; 第三人称单数:extrapolates现在分词:extrapolating过去式:extrapolated过去分词:extrapolated形近词:interpolateexpolateapolate双语例句 1We do not know the exact figure for forest damage, but we can extrapolate from the sample surveys.我们不知道森林破坏的精确数字,但是我们可以从抽样的测量来推算.

一个是内延interpolate,一个是外延extrapolate,interpolate 是推算已知两点中间的数值,如已知 f(2)=3, f(5)=6, 如果是推算 f(3)就算是内延(Interpolate),因为3在2,5之间,但如果是推算f(7),就算是extrapolate外延,因为 7,不在已知的2到5之间,算是区间以外的推延.一般内延推算的效力比外延强而准确.希望这样说明能让你清楚.

extrapolate 英[kstrplet] 美[kstrplet] v. (由已知资料对未知事实或价值) 推算,推断; [例句]Extrapolating from his American findings, he reckons about 80% of these deaths might be attributed to smoking根据他在美国的调查结果推断,他估计这些人中约有80%可能死于吸烟.[其他] 第三人称单数:extrapolates 现在分词:extrapolating 过去式:extrapolated过去分词:extrapolated


The Internal Edges option enables to determine a privileged direction for the extrapolation. You can select one or more edges (in the following example we selected the edge of Surface.1) that will be extrapolated in tangency. You can also select a

extrapolatedv.(由已知资料对未知事实或价值)推算,推断( extrapolate的过去式和过去分词 )

people in general一般人 普通人的意思

just a reminder 只是一个提醒 双语例句 1 a constant reminder of just how insignificant and inconsequential theirlives were 时刻提醒他们自己的生命是多么微不足道、无足轻重 2 just a reminder: if you install an ssh server on the n800 ( like the770

这本书我看过 JoshJOSH Joshua JOSH Job Scheduling Hierarchically .. Click the link for more information. and Scott were partners in crime, until they stole donation money meant for AIDS research. Scott wanted to return it and snitched on Josh.

least-squares fit最小二乘法拟合;

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