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楼主您好! distract 意思是分心,分散.望您采纳!

转移注意力.短语distract attention from 将…的注意力吸引过来distract one's attention 引起某人注意

Don't let the noise distract you; just carry on with what you're doing.Don't let the noise distract you; just go on with what you're doing.上面两句有相同意思但 go on 还有另一个(比较寻常的)用法:We're planning to go on a trip to America this summer.

watch和look at attend和 look after

学会这些,分分钟带你进入装逼的行列!1.请保持低调:please keep a low profile.profile可作“姿态”之意,low profile就是“低姿态”;而high profile则是“高姿态、高调”的意思.当你下次看到你的朋友为了一点点小事而沾沾自喜、自鸣得意

adj. 分心的;分散注意力的v. 使分心(distract的ing形式);转移注意力[网络短语]distracting 分心的,分散,分散注意力distracting blow 震晕攻击risk distracting 风险分散

1、I have part of the fault. 我也有责任.2、distract her with a doll 拿娃娃哄她开心3、They are all well received. 收到的反响都很好4、talk you up 说你的好话5、stand firm to 努力坚持6、I was just leering. 我只是用余光看看7、organize my thoughts

同意这个计划 同意这个会议的时间 宜人的天气 (第二个单词拼写有错误吗?) 事先吸引我的注意力(最后一个词是分散的意思,跟这个词组有联系吗?) 防止麻烦 优质的生活条件 希望对你有帮助哈!~

a totally different subject 完全题外话 admire your candor 你还真胆大 any luck? 找到了吗? are you mocking me? 你嘲笑我? are you spying on me? 你监视我? bouncy 活泼 call security 通知警卫 can you get the door please? 你能去开门吗

吸引注意力attract attention英 [trkt tenn]美 [trkt tnn]引起注意;醒目;打眼

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