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compositions组合物双语对照词典结果:compositions[英][kmp'zns][美][kmp'zns]n.作文( composition的名词复数 ); 创作; 组成; 组织; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Awareness of the elements and principles in

composition 是作文 作曲的意思 也有构成;合成物的意思compositions是艺术作品,作品辑,组成成分

composition词典结果:composition[英][kmpzn][美][k:mpzn]n.作文,作曲; 创作; 构图,布置; 妥协,和解; 复数:compositions以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.But there are real concerns with the composition of

composition 生词本 去背诵 英 [kmpzn] 美 [k:mpzn] n.作文,作曲; 创作; 构图,布置; 妥协,和解 网 络 作曲;组合;组成;成分 复数: compositions 派生词:compositional compositionally 更多资料1. The course is

组成双语对照词典结果:composition[英][kmpzn][美][k:mpzn]n.作文,作曲; 创作; 构图,布置; 妥协,和解; 复数:compositions以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.India changed the composition of its reserves by buying 200 tonnes of goldfrom the imf. 印度通过向国际货币基金组织购买200吨黄金来改变其储备的组成.___________________________很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

rap composition的中文意思是rap作曲,希望这样能够帮助到你,望采纳哟.

Composition \ 1:作文,文章,作品 乐曲(noun)例如:his is good at writing compositions. 2:组成,构成,设计(u ) 例如:the composition of this building is the best 3:成份 合成物 例如:what is its composition

DNA/RNA 组分,合成,混合物,合剂,构成

insist【用法一】 v.坚决要求;坚持要;一定要例1:we insisted on his apology.我们要 不能说:the teacher insisted on all the compositions to be handed in on monday.2)

compositions[英][kmp'zns][美][kmp'zns]n.组成; 作文( composition的名词复数 ); 创作; 组织; 例句:1.He was classically trained in europe, and his compositions reflect the influence of western classical music. 他

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