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accusation: a statement saying that you think a person is guilty of doing sth wrong, especially of committing a crime, allegation: a punblic statement that is made without giving proof, accusing sb of doing sth that is wrong or illegal 其实区别都含在词义中了自己体会吧

allegation 英[lgen] 美[len] n. 陈述,主张;宣称;陈词,陈述;指控 名词复数:allegations [例句]The hong-kong listed machinery maker denies the allegation.这家在香港上市的机械制造商否认这一指控.

allegation 指 无证据的说法、指控announcement指公告、布告、通告、宣告、宣布

Subject (主语:One allegation) + Link.V(系动词 is) + Predicate(表语从句that),often made 定语修饰One allegation

allegations [英]l'enz [美]l'enz n. 陈述( allegation的名词复数 );宣称;陈词;指控[例句]So far , there are no clear allegations of fraudulent dealings.迄今为止,并无明确的欺诈交易指控.

allegation指控; 陈述,主张; 宣称; 陈词,陈述;

they Don't Care About Us 他们不在乎我们skin head 人面兽心dead head 行尸走肉everybody 所有人gone bad 变坏situation 见风使舵speculation 投机倒把everybody 所有人allegation 起诉in the suite 在庭上on the news 新闻里everybody 所有人dog

1、问句中的Japanese food特指中国餐馆供应的日式料理.回答中的Japanese food显然指的是纯正的日本料理.两个是不一样的.2、irritated 用法不对吧.应该是had been


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