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回答和翻译如下:My idol Hanlu My favorite idol is Hanlu ,he is the member of exo from south Korea.exo have 11 members .he is a shy boy , his eyes is very beautiful ,and his voice is very attract me .he is very hardworking . He always saty up

my name is xxx. i am twelve years old. i am a little thin with short hair and a pair of glasses. i like singing and dancing. i am good at english and chinese. but i am weak in my math. i am interested in doing all kinds of sports. on weekends i often play

my favorite idol is 鹿晗 ,he is the member of exo from south korea.exo have 11 members .he is a shy boy ,his eyes is very beautiful ,and his voice is very attract me .he is very hardworking .he always saty up practicing sing and dance.so his performance is very prefect.and he likes palying football in his spare time .

The first time I saw Luhan was when he attend the first program in happy camp. I was attracted by his handsome and clever dance, obsessed with his clear voice. What impressed me most is that although he does not perform too much, but can

My favourite male star is Lu Han ,because he is very popular among the youngHe was a member of the group Exo of eleven boys in KoreanNow he is back in ChinaHe is very young and handsome My friends all like him, tooNow he i鹿晗的英语作文70字左右(带中文)

Luhan (LU HAN), was born in Beijing in April 20, 1990, isChina a member of the EXO/EXO-M group, a singer,dancer, appearance more bear. Students in South Koreadue to outstanding appearance and temperament inMyeong Dong shopping

回答和翻译如下:(鹿晗) Luhan (LU HAN) was born on April 20, 1990 in Beijing, Haidian District, Chinese mainland movie actor, singer.2008年赴韩国留学期间在明洞逛街时,被韩国SM娱乐有限公司星探发掘成为旗下练习生.2012年4月以韩

I like the star is luhan. He has a pair of bright eyes and clever little nose, and a small mouth, is typical. He is a member of EXO combination. He is good at singing and dancing, or EXO inside the window to play. He this year 25 years old, but very


Lu Han is a handsome guy but I don't think he is straight, just saying. He is about 170cm with a face that kills every single ladies, his voice is a charm that makes me so obssessed. The most thing that attracts me is his personality, when you look at

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